Welcome to Black Com Group, your 360-degree marketing agency for the digital realm.

In 2013, we began our journey with the first brand development for one of our clients in the Food & Beverage industry, and have since continuously expanded our offerings.

We are your experts for brand building, creating advertising films and campaigns, as well as market strategies and social media management.

Our client portfolio has now grown to over 90 brands, and we are proud that a majority of our clients have been partners with us for more than five years. We apply our knowledge and skills to help you successfully establish and grow your brand.



At Black Com Group, we are not just a team of behind-the-scenes players – we are fully on the front lines.

We understand that the implementation of your projects is just as important as the research, planning, and organization, and that’s why we are with you every step of the way.

Our dedicated team works hand in hand with you to ensure that your visions and goals are fully realized.

We bring our extensive knowledge and experience to help you successfully establish and develop your brand.

An agency rooted in football. 10 years ago, CEO Leon Vincent Jakobsmeyer supported players from the German Bundesliga in building a second foothold in the form of brands alongside football.

This experience has taught us how important it is to have a strong and unique brand that reflects both the personality and passion of each player.

That’s why we have expanded our services and now offer them to other industries.


As the primary point of contact for B2C customers, it is our job as a marketing agency to ensure that companies and brands provide their customers with an unforgettable marketing experience.
We understand that consumer behavior is constantly evolving, and businesses must adapt to these changes in order to remain competitive. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help our clients optimize their marketing strategies and activities.

As an in-house marketing agency, we integrate directly into the structure of the company.
We work closely with our clients to develop and implement a customized marketing strategy that is specifically tailored to their needs and goals.
We start with brand design, ensuring that the company or brand has a strong, consistent, and memorable presence.

We take into account the latest trends and best practices to ensure that the company or brand stays top of mind with customers.

We also take care of campaign and commercial management to ensure that the company or brand’s message is successfully communicated to the target audience. We utilize a variety of channels such as TV, radio, print, online advertising, and social media to achieve optimal reach and impact.

We are also able to create targeted and personalized campaigns to ensure that the company or brand is present with the right target groups.

In today’s world, social media presence is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

We understand the importance of social media and develop tailored plans for our clients to ensure that they are active on relevant channels and reaching their target audiences. We work with our clients to develop a content strategy that is both relevant and engaging to ensure that their social media presence is successful.

Our goal as a marketing agency is to help our clients provide an unforgettable marketing experience that delights their customers and builds long-term relationships.

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We're available from monday - saturday between 9am-8pm.

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We're available from monday - saturday between 9am-8pm.

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